Test Firing

A test firing can be for different purposes. One would be for you to try to decide what caliber of pistol or rifle you can use for a particular purpose such as concealed carry or varmint shooting. It may be to test the amount of recoil between a 3” barrel and a 6” barrel of the same caliber. You may want to have a spouse or young child fire different firearms to see what size they can handle before you purchase one for their use. It would also work well for a new shooter to find what type of firearm or caliber they may want to start with before they go out and purchase one.

The way this works is that you let us know what you are trying to decide on and we will bring the firearms and the ammo to the range for this purpose. Let’s say that your wife wants to start shooting or get a pistol for concealed carry. We would set a time and meet her at the range. We would bring about eight or so guns and the ammunition to the range for her use. We would start with a quick safety briefing and then have her fire 6 rounds from a 22 caliber pistol, then 6 rounds from a 380 caliber pistol, then 6 rounds from a 9mm pistol, then 6 rounds from a 38 caliber pistol and so on until she either wants to stop or we get all the way to a 44mag. pistol. Then she will be able to compare, for and example, the 38 to a 9mm or any other firearm to one another. This process usually only takes about one hour.

The charge is $50.00 an hour per person.

This is scheduled by appointment only.