What is new with LEAD Valley Range

This is the site of our future range.
Lead Valley"s First Clubhouse ?
The range will lay out just to the right of this house.
We purchased equipment in February for the range operation.
The arrival of our equipment in late March.
Equipment being unloaded.
This is the site plan for Lead Valley Range. The site is 460 acres a ½ mile wide and 1 ½ miles long and lies just south of Highway US 36 East of Byers Co.
Blowup of range layout. 7 ATA  traps, 12 private pistol and rifle berms, 50 yard pistol range, 100 yard rifle range, 500 yard rifle range, 2 - 5stand shotgun ranges and a 24 station sporting clays range.
Some of us were happier than others on the arrival of equipment.
Aaron is set and can't wait to get started!
  First shots fired at Lead Valley.
Putting the finishing touches on the New front gates.
Just looking at the finished product.
The start of the 50 yard range.
First dirt on 50 yard range.
North end of parking lot.
Start of backstop on 50 yard range.