One of Colorado's fastest growing shooting schools

FAST is an organization who's purpose is to instill Firearm Accuracy Safety and Training through knowledge and a proper attitude. By generating enthusiasm for the shooting sports, we hope to bring families together for fun and enjoyment creating a new generation of shooters and hunters to support our 2nd Amendment Rights.

With the Experience of over ninety years, the instructors have backgrounds in all disciplines of the shooting sports. All instructors are NRA certifiedcombined and the principals are NRA Training Counselors. NRA has over 40,000 Certified Instructors and only a little over 1,200 Training Counselors. It is Training Counselors that teach the Instructors.

FAST offers many services in addition to available classes. Services Include:

  • Personal coaching to enhance your shooting skills.
  • Ability to test fire different calibers of firearms.
  • Assistance in selecting the correct firearm for your specific need.
  • A line of holsters and cleaning products for your needs.

FAST has many plans in the works to add other items and services to its list in the future so stay tuned for more changes.